By: Striffy

  • Am I the only one who found it amusing that the director of Psycho Pass banned the word “moe” among the staff, and then proceeded to allow Akane to be the main character of the show:

  • I   find it a bit weird that Akane is said to be suited for any job that requires natural intelligence, especially because she comes off as a bit dumb.
  • According to its director, Psycho Pass has a very “masculine mindset” with staff meetings full of talk about “weapons and movies” (because obviously women can’t talk about weapons and movies). In other words Psycho Pass isn’t meant to be pandering to female audiences, yet this episode starts off with the lead dude working out and emptying a bottle of water over his body.

 My best guess is the director caved in.

  • The Psycho Pass system actually does help speed up investigations, but it also prevents actual justice from being served when it decides that a person can be disposed of as soon as their Psycho Pass ratings go too high (despite them being the victim of the crime- like we saw in Ep.1 with the rape victim who was a bit freaked out at having been raped and having watched the rapist be blown into minuscule pieces of flesh and meat by a guy in a suit).
  • On the other hand, Shinya’s method of bullying the guy into a murder frenzy probably doesn’t serve much justice either. But it was still fun to watch.